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The Victorians

Suzie Hunt By Suzie Hunt

Hamilton's cross-curricular topic about the Victorians is being updated.

Hamilton's UKS2 cross-curricular topic about the Victorians has always been popular, packed as it is with engaging content and creative teaching activities. However, we need to update this topic to meet the objectives of the new National Curriculum for England and have taken it offline while we work on it.

In the meantime, you can find an extensive range of cross-curricular topics for UKS2 for the upcoming months.

The Victorians

Our Victorians topic facilitates the study of Queen Victoria - her life, family, portraits and homes. In addition, you can learn about major inventions of the period as well as other aspects of the daily lives of Victoria’s subjects. Workhouses and child labour are studied through fiction. Census data, maps, buildings and the advent of railways provide the basis for developing an understanding of local history.

Returning to our website soon!

Julie St Clair Hoare

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