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Take Your Class On a Journey Around Modern Europe

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Clair Hoare

The amazing physical and human geography of Europe is irresistibly exciting with Hamilton's lower key stage 2 topic journeying around our continent.

Travel around Europe, learn key facts about its geography and explore some of the varied countries that make up our European continent. Develop skills in studying human and physical geography and further your knowledge of Europe's history and culture.

What's included in the modern Europe topic?

To gain an overview of modern Europe, start with Block A. Create a map of Europe and personalise a passport recording your achievements. Investigate key European physical features, research a European capital city for a display and examine the weather from each of Europe’s main climate zones before deciding what to pack for your travels!

Rich and imaginative Block B uses a range of artworks to inspire learning about the human and physical geography of France, including its climate zones. Discover the art of Cézanne, Seurat and Morisot and where their works are located geographically. The outcomes of this block include creating a 21st-century soundscape, creating a pointillist style painting and using an impasto painting technique.

Role play a German professional footballer in Block C and learn about the team you represent and its region's geographical features by exploring the physical and human aspects of the region. Take an enchanted journey into the Black Forest with the Brothers Grimm and discover how this landscape influenced some of our most famous traditional tales. Put on your own performance against the backdrop of the Black Forest - a backdrop you have created yourself!

In Block D you join the world’s top cyclists to take a road trip through the varying geography of Spain, stopping off en-route to try your hand at some classic Spanish cooking and learn about the origins of some of Spain’s famous dishes and their links to the physical and human geography of Andalusia, Valencia and the Cantabrian Mountains.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) sets you a challenge in Block E to raise awareness of the four major Russian biomes to help protect them for future generations. Are you up for the challenge of becoming a Biome Co-ordinator and putting on your own creative biome exhibition that will include food chain mobiles, adaptation fold-ups, an online classification key and a large-scale model of your chosen biome? If so, then welcome to Russia!

In Block F you travel to Italy to take in the alpine scenery and enjoy a trek through the many mountain ranges that Italy boasts. Take a trip back in time to CE 79 and the fateful day that Mount Vesuvius blew its top. Investigate the mysterious draw of the volcanoes of southern Italy for settlement - would you take the risk and live in the shadow of a live volcano?

Study the geography and winter sports of Norway in Block G in preparation for a trumps-based briefing of sports executives for the winter Olympics. Consider forces and investigate friction challenges using scientific methods, processes and skills.

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