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Long as You Like Record Breaker!

Nick Barwick By Nick Barwick

In Hamilton's problem-solving investigation 'Long and You Like' children create chains of numbers by finding factors and multiples. Up until recently, the record was 61 held by a child at Eleanor Palmer School in London. But as of February 2019, we have a new record of 67 set by Oliver at Bradworthy Primary Academy in Devon. Congratulations!

Class Five at Bradworthy Primary Academy studied multiplication and division throughout the autumn of 2018. As part of their maths work, the children tackled Hamilton's 'Long as You Like' investigation based on factors and multiples. The record for the chain of factors and multiples using a 1-100 grid had been 61, but after a very intense weekend of maths, Oliver managed to beat that with a string of 67 numbers.


Well done Oliver!

Hamilton Trust

The investigation has children choose a starting number between 1 and 100 (optimising that is itself part of the challenge!). They then find a multiple or a factor of that number and then keep looking for multiples and/or factors until they run out of potential numbers. Oliver worked out an excellent starting number and then worked cleverly to maximise the length of his chain.

While tacking 'Long as You Like', Oliver practised these skills:

  • Finding factors of 2-digit numbers,
  • Finding multiples of two-digit numbers and
  • Using trial and improvement to improve results.

We were so impressed that we sent Oliver a prize set of dominoes for himself and a whole pack of sets for his class to use in future investigations.