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Learning at Home Packs: Summer

Ruth Merttens By Ruth Merttens

Summer Holidays

How can you support your child’s learning over summer? We have many stimulating educational activities to choose from. Choose ones that will especially appeal to your child, or those on a topic where further learning would help before they re-start school.

10 days of puzzles, games, conundrums, crosswords and much more
English and Maths: Year 1 | Year 2 |Year 3 | Year 4 |Year 5 | Year 6

Specially focused weeks for English
Reflections on Lockdown (Year 5 & 6) Year 5 and Year 6 and Black Lives Matter (Year 6)

Parent Overviews
If you think your child needs help in a specific area, download the Overviews to see what is covered in each week’s sessions.
Year 1 | Year 2 |Year 3 | Year 4 |Year 5 | Year 6

Need further help?
Watch our homeschooling help videos.

Learning at Home Packs for Reception

Learning at Home Packs for Maths

Learning at Home Packs for English

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