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Year 2 Maths SATs Preparation and Revision

In 2018-19, in order to get through all of the curriculum in time for SATs, you will need to start Summer Term teaching at the end of Spring Term.

Hamilton's Year 2 maths planning ensures that every part of the Y2 content is covered before the statutory assessments in late May.  Specifically, we provide:

  • Autumn Term: 12 weeks and 3 days worth of teaching
  • Spring Term: 10 weeks and 4 days worth of teaching
  • Summer Term
    • 4 weeks and 2 days worth of teaching
    • 6 days of revision activities
    • Supplementary teaching after the SATs

This teaching timetable is inevitably very tight as there is so much to cover. Each teacher will need to pace this teaching to suit their class and, importantly, term dates.

For the academic year 2018-2019, please note:

  • If the SATs are to be done in week beginning 13th May, most of the first Block of Summer Term's teaching should be done before the Easter holidays.
  • If the SATs are to be done in week beginning 20th May (or later), at least a week of the first Block of Summer Term's teaching should be done before the Easter holidays. 
  • Revision activities are provided for the week or so before the SATs.

Hamilton have provided weeks to revise and consolidate the Y2 content with a variety of activities/tasks using problem solving and mathematical reasoning for the post-SATs period.

Overall, in order to fit ALL the teaching in, including revision, before end of May, there is little room for manoeuvre. Teachers who feel that they need to spend more time on a key skill in order for most children to nail it, should adjust by taking some time from a week where the teaching is of a skill which is not key, or a skill which children have already mastered. The revision Units do allow for revisiting and we have tried to second guess those skills which a majority of teachers in Y2 will feel it is necessary to revise. However, obviously the revision units should be adapted by teachers to suit the needs of their own class.

The Year 2 Summer Term revision block will cover: addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions and time.

Revision plans and blocks are available now.

For the post-SATs period, Hamilton blocks will help children branch out and stretch their brains, revising and consolidating the Year 2 content with a variety of activities, many using puzzles, problem solving and mathematical reasoning.