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UPDATED! IWBs and Presentations

Hamilton provide slide presentations to help reduce the time and (pain) of lesson preparation across all subjects.

Hamilton's presentations are provided in PowerPoint for maximium flexibility. They can be used with any Interactive White Board (IWB). Just open them on your laptop or your screen. (You can also use the import functionality on your software, but this will stop the annimations from working - if you want the animations, and why wouldn't you? - just open in PowerPoint itself.) Some software will even allow you to annotate the slides as you go. If you don't know how to do this, there are short easy-to-understand videos available on YouTube:

  • Watch here (SMART board) to learn how to open a PowerPoint slide presentation on a SMART board (skip along to minute 2 if you already know the techniques discussed at the start of the video)
  • Watch here (Promethean Interactive Whiteboard) to learn how to open a PowerPoint slide presentation on a Promethean IWB
  • If you use a different software, search Google or YouTube for: 'how to show a PowerPoint in XXX', inserting the name of your software instead of XXX.



Hamilton are uploading slide presentations that present the correct pedagogy, models and images for teaching our new Flexible (and Short) Blocks. These slides are ready to use. Just download and go. Everything for the taught part of the lesson is there, including the practice sheets for the main body of the class.Presentations are currently available for the following blocks, with more coming every week:

Year 3 (addition/subtraction)

Year 3 (multiplication/division)

Year 3 (measures/data)

Year 4 (addition/subtraction)

Year 4 (multiplication/division)

Year 4 (measures/data)

Year 5 (addition/subtraction)

Year 5 (Decimals/Fractions)

Year 5 (multiplication/division)

Year 5 (measures/data)

Year 6 (decimals/fractions)

Year 6 (shape)

Year 6 (algebra)

Year 6 (multiplication/division)

The group activities and differentiated practice are signaled to help you download these at the same time. And of course, the mastery and reasoning questions, the misconceptions and extra support remain easily available. (Yes, we do know that teaching is still - like parenting - both absolutely necessary and totally impossible, but we have made it seriously simple to get all you need!)



SPAG presentations will help you demonstrate aspects of grammar to your class with lively slides and lots of examples. The grammar is contextualised in blocks and can be reinforced by using the associated extended writing units in Hamilton's new English blocks.



Many Hamilton topic and science blocks include presentations to help you demonstrate information or illustrate activities in your sessions.

ALL Hamilton presentations can be used on any type of IWB. Do contact us if you have questions about using our slide presentations.