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Spelling Lists are Closing in June

We know that many of you value Hamilton's spelling by phoneme and grapheme functionality under Teacher Support for English, and we are glad that you have found it useful. However, this software is now outdated and beyond updating. So, with regret, we are closing that page on 21 June.

Not only is it technically past its sell-by date, it is now also out of synch with the current National Curriculum for England's spelling requirements.  As this functionality no longer suits the needs of teachers working within the framework of that National Curriculum nor is it technically robust enough to sustain, Hamilton can no longer justify the resources required to maintain it.

The phoneme/grapheme spelling page will remain available on our website until the 21st of June 2018, after which it will no longer be available, even to us. So if you want any lists from this page, save them now!

On the upside, we hope you will really love the new format English plans that we are writing to go with the new format maths plans that will be available for you to see before may half-term.

As usual, we are very open to hearing your views via [email protected] .