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Number squares and lines

Do you ever need access to number squares? Number grids? Number lines? Landmarked lines? Fraction walls? If so, then have a look at the new Generic Maths Resources on Hamilton's Player site. You will find a mix of downloadable and interactive maths resources to support teaching specific concepts and skills in primary maths.

HamiltonPlayer is now hosting a wide range of generic resources for you to use on your interactive white boards to demonstrate maths concepts.  There are sqaures, grids, numberlines and ITPs of all kinds to enable you to show children number patterns, relationships and calucations.

Number and Place Value

Resources to support counting, an understanding of the size of numbers and ordering, e.g., number cards, 100-grids, bead strings, number tracks, number lines, PV grids, charts & cards. We have around 50 Number and Place Value resources.

Addition and Subtraction

Resources to support mental and written addition and subtraction methods, e.g. bead strings, number lines, 100-grids and PV grids. We have around 25 Additiona and Subraction resources.

Multiplication and Division

Resources to support recognising patterns of multiples and the concepts of repeated addition, grouping, remainders and written division, e.g. 100-grids, interactive teaching programs. We have around 20 Multiplication and Dvision resources.


We have 5 different geometry resources that covereither Properties of Shapes or Position and Direction.

- Properties of shapes

A selection of interactive teaching programs to model different themes such as angles, polygons and symmetry.

- Position and direction

Resources to present the coordinate plane, supporting the reading and plotting of coordinates, reflection and translation.


Interactive teaching programs to support data handling and representation, e.g. tables, bar/ pie charts and line graphs. We have two useful ITPs for Statistics.


A selection of interactive teaching programs to model different measures and to practise reading scales. We have half a dozen ITPs for Measurement.

Fractions (including Decimals and Percentages)

Resources to provide pictorial representations of fractions and to make explicit links between fractions, decimals and percentages, e.g. fraction walls and landmarked number lines. We have five different resources for Fractions.