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Maths Materials for Secondary Schools

Do you know any secondary schools that would be interested in using our new bank of numeracy materials? Hamilton are running a one-year trial during which we shall provide free materials designed to sustain/improve numerical fluency at all levels and in line with the new KS3 curriculum, including problem-solving and reasoning.

Hamilton's new secondary maths materials are differentiated according to age-related expectations and are matched to the Key Stage 3 curriculum. They emphasise numeracy skills and problem-solving, including algebraic thinking. The materials are currently available to participating schools for free in return for your feedback and comments. Our initial trial in 2016-17 showed very promising results in terms of keeping numeracy skills on the boil through Year 7. Now we have a more nuanced Year 7 scheme and a Year 8 scheme as well. Read all about it, and contact us if you want to try these materials.