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NEW English Plans for Reception

Hamilton’s new Reception English Plans cover all Literacy EYFS outcomes as well as selected outcomes in other areas of the EYFS Curriculum. Plans are designed to allow complete flexibility: they can be taught in any order within the term and are written to enable teachers to easily adapt activities to meet the individual needs of their children, and to include continuous provision. 

These plans have been designed in consultation with Early Years teachers and experts, and are designed to allow teachers maximum flexibility but also to include sufficient support and high quality resources to help teachers save time and preserve some semblance of a life-work balance!

Each plan has 3 sections:

  • an introduction page with key outcomes, texts and poems;
  • focused Literacy plans, with specific outcomes, teaching input and guided writing tasks – also included is a daily reading-to-the-class session and continuous provision;
  • topic links giving outcomes in other areas which are linked to the continuous provision with brief description.

The key outcomes include one specific outcome per week related to each of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing. 

The new plans can be used to supplement the original plans on the site and more will be appearing soon to provide a year of exciting and fun (but still thorough) planning to inspire our youngest listeners, speakers, readers and writers.

Explore the new English plans for Reception.