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Hamilton's Pobble Partnership

'Together, we make writing ridiculously exciting!' Now the Pobble promise includes Hamilton too. You can find Hamilton English plans and topic sessions on Pobble's writing website, where you can upload examples of your children's writing to share with parents and other teachers in your school and beyond.

Pobble makes writing ridiculously exciting! Teachers use the Pobble platform to find great teaching resources, to give pupils a global audience for their work, and to assess writing. This literacy platform was started in 2013 by a group of teachers based in Yorkshire. Since then, Pobble has gained the support of prominent education leaders and has received praise from bestselling authors such as Anthony Horowitz and Michael Morpurgo.

Today, Pobble showcases over 100,000 pieces of writing, published by tens of thousands of teachers from all over the world. And you can join them. Selected Hamilton English plans and Topic blocks now appear on the Pobble website. You can create your own lesson spaces linked to those Hamilton plans where you can upload writing from your class. This gives you the opportunity to compare your children's writing to similar writing by other children and to put their writing on a sharable platform. You can also create assessment files that can be annotated ans shared with others (in your school, or externally) for moderation. Children can also log on to read work and leave comments.

We are thrilled that Pobble are now linking to Hamilton plans, and we foresee lots of great writing resulting from this partnership between Hamilton, Pobble, your teaching and your children's efforts.


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