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Are You Using Target Tracker?

Are you using Target Tracker?


Hamilton's maths and English objectives are more nuanced and fine-grained than in the National Curriculum. This means they link more closely with actual teaching and learning and make any tracking much more useful in planning your lessons to ensure progress towards mastery.You may already be using Hamilton's Pupil Outcomes Sheets to help you with formative assessment. Now you can transcribe these straight to Target Tracker for further analysis and reporting. You simply choose the Hamilton statements in File>>Options. If you are not yet a Target Tracker school, find out more here:

Hamilton's Pupil Outcomes Sheets for English and maths facilitate quick, regular recording of pupil progress against mastery outcomes - right in the pupils' exercise books. These enable you to record progress of skills toward mastery and inform daily planning. They will also feed into whatever formal tracking system you are using. The Outcomes Sheets, therefore, provide an ongoing record of work towards mastery of age-related expectations for you, the children and parents, your colleagues, Ofsted and any other interested parties.

Using Pupil Outcomes Sheets to measure individual progress

These provide concise lists of skills/concepts to stick in the back of each child’s exercise book or English/Maths folder. 

  1. Each time you mark a child’s work, flick to the back of the book and shade the Outcomes Sheet to match your judgement of the child’s achievement. Are they only able to do the calculation or understand the concept with a lot of support? Or can they usually perform well? Have they completely mastered it?
  2. Encourage children to record, using traffic lights, their impression of how it went.
  3. There is also a space for a parent input if desired.

The Maths Outcomes Sheets are divided by term and follow the order of Hamilton's maths plans, reflecting the iterative nature of maths mastery. If you have a mixed age range class, you will need to match the relevant years’ sheet to the correct pupils. Note that the sheet for a Y2 pupil in a Y1/2 class differs from a Y2 pupil in a Y2/3 class, because it follows the weekly planning which is specifically targeted at the mixed age group.

You can find the Outcomes Sheets for English by selecting any year group for English, and then clicking on Hamilton Assessment Tracker in the left-hand navigation. Or just click on this link:

You can find the Outcomes Sheets for Maths by term, by selecting the appropriate year group and term for Maths, and opening the 'Outcomes Sheet' document at the top right of the page. Or follow the links below to find all three terms of Maths Outcomes sheet for your year group: