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Inspiring dates for Summer!

Celebrate some of the significant dates coming up between now and May half-term with your class. National Limerick Day, the French Open and the anniversaries of the incredible achievements by Jesse Owens and Tenzing Norgay can inspire your class to new heights of learning.

  • Celebrate the Buddhist festival of Wesak on the 10 May with Session 02 from the Special Birthdays block for Reception. Take part in a meditation activity, listen to the story of the Bodhi tree and get crafty by making mandalas, lanterns and lotus lamps!
  • National Limerick Day on the 12 May was created to celebrate the birthday of Edward Lear! Our Animated Tale has six animated limericks by Edward Lear, perfect to kickstart an English lesson on limericks. Or download and print our beautifully illustrated Group Reader, The Pobble who has No Toes for a Year 2 class to enjoy.
  • The 21 May is the birthday of the famous palaeontologist Mary Anning. Use Session 03 from our block about Mary Anning for UKS2 to learn more about her life as a fossil hunter.
  • Jesse Owens famously broke three world records and tied for a fourth on the 25 May in 1935. Use Session 01 from our block about Sportspeople for KS1 to learn more about Jesse.
  • Ramadan begins on the evening of Friday 26 May. Discover more about this important period in Session 03 from our Festivals of Light block for Reception. Follow it up on the 26 June by discovering more about Eid-ul-Fitr.
  • The French Open Tennis Tournament begins on 22 May - why not use it to prompt a class debate about tennis? Use Session 02: Debate from our block on Tennis Tournaments for LKS2 to ask the questions; Should professional tennis players be excluded from tournaments? Should women be paid the same as men? Should all children play tennis at school?
  • Discover more about Tenzing Norgay on the 29 May; the anniversary of the date he reached the summit of Mt Everest. Use Session 04: Tenzing Norgay and respect for the mountain from the Ice Explorers block for KS1 to learn about the emotional and spiritual connection people have with the world's highest mountain.