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Inspiring dates!

International Women's Day, World Story Telling Day, World Theatre Day and other special dates are just around the corner. They provide the perfect excuse to explore cross-curricular sessions from Hamilton's Topics. Inspiring outcomes include paining waves, writing magical stories, and making musical theatre boxes.

  • The 8th March is International Women's Day, so let the stories of Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai inspire your class by using 'Activists' from our Famous for Five Minutes KS1 Topic. UKS2 teachers can take a different approach with 'The mother of the Oba' from our Benin Topic. Find out about how the mother of the Oba was revered and sometimes played a large role in the running of the kingdom. 
  • The 20th March is World Storytelling Day and the perfect day to discover the legendary storyteller Scheherazade in Early Islamic Civilisations. Sessions 4 and 5 guide UKS2 children through writing and illustrating their own magical story to enthral King Shahryar for the 1002nd night.
  • The 22nd March is World Water Day. KS1 teachers can inspire their children to paint watercolour waves with the Oceans and Seas'  'Painting Waves' session. LKS2 teachers can use Session 2 in 'Rivers for People' and discover the importance of the Nile to life in Egypt. UKS2 teachers can use this date as springboard into learning about the water cycle with Session 1 in 'The Water Cycle' from our Earth Matters Topic for UKS2.  
  • The 23rd March is World Meterological Day - use 'Save the Planet' to research an environmental problem, and then present your solution to your UKS2 class. LKS2 can use 'Mountain Climates' in the Mountains, Rivers and Coasts Topic to learn the correct geographical language to describe the features of mountains and find out about mountain climates.

Reception teachers can use our wonderful Celebrations topic to discover more about some of the fantastic festivals and holidays from around the world! 

  • The 28th February is Mardi Gras. 'Mardi Gras' will introduce your class to this colourful celebration, including its floats, costumes and music. Prepare your own mini class parade.
  • Discover the colourful Hindu festival of Holi on the 13th March. Experiment with splatter painting, and learn about the childhood games of Lord Krishna. 
  • The 20th March is the first day of Spring. 'Celebrate Spring!' will help you reflect on the new beginnings, life and activity Spring brings using dance and Art