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Dates to inspire your class

It's a New Year and a New Term! Use significant dates in January and February as hooks for studying sports, music, computing, science and geography

  • The Africa Cup of Nations starts on January 14th. Use Session 01: Timeline from Block D - Football Tournaments for LKS2 to create a class timeline of all the major football tournaments plus other significant events in the history of football. Follow it up with a similar lesson using Session 01: Timeline from Block J - Tennis Tournaments, as the Australian Open starts on January 16th
  • Mozart's birthday on January 27th could inspire a musical lesson. Session 02: Mood music from Block D - Composers for KS1 will help you discover how Mozart's music creates mood and atmosphere.
  • Chinese New Year falls on January 28th. Chase out the old year and let in the new year with Session 1 of Carnivals and Parades for Reception. Children create lion masks for the Lion Dance, make dragon puppets and read the story of Nian the monster.
  • World Wetlands Day falls on February 2nd so why not use Session 05: Floodplains from Block B - Water Cycles for UKS2 to discover how human activity impacts floodplains and why flood management systems are important?
  • Safer Internet Day is on February 7th which is the perfect time to review E-Safety. Session 02: Passwords, Open Information and Images from our mini-topic on E-Safety for UKS2 will prompt discussion of how to create a secure password, and how to stay in control of your images.

We would love to see any of the poems, timelines or lion masks your class creates as a result of one of our plans! Tweet them to @HamiltonTrust or share them with us on the Hamilton Showcase.