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Getting Started with Hamilton

Whether you are new to Hamilton or an old hand, there is still so very much to discover on our website. We know from talking to users that few teachers have found ALL of the materials that would help them in their classrooms.  Our welcome pages will help you explore.

Hamilton's website has so many resources on it that even we are constantly discovering things on it. So, we are confident that you will find more valuable materials if you explore a bit. You can do that using the left hand navigation bar, or have a look at our 'Welcome to Hamilton' pages, which highlight some of the hidden (and not so hidden) gems that will help you in your classroom. Explore subject-by-subject to find the in-depth materials around a whole raft of teaching conundrums such as: how to practice times tables; how to find writing opportunities in science and topics; how to find pedagogically sound images for demonstrating maths concepts to your whole class; or how to easily give small groups of children appropriate, accessible and fun books for reading together.

We welcome you to explore Hamilton's rull range of resources.