Our projects

Hamilton's website provides high quality, fully adaptable planning and resources to primary school teachers to help them teach robust and engaging lessons. There is also a raft of strategic and training documents and videos that promote a strong pedagogical and strategic basis for teaching.

Hamilton also supports and runs various education projects that provide support to its local community and across the country.

The Hamilton Primary Numeracy Project

Many children struggle with core maths skills due to a lack of self-confidence and limited practice opportunities. Hamilton established the Hamilton Primary Numeracy Project (HPNP) in Oxfordshire to facilitate Year 11 and 12 students to work with Key Stage 2 pupils in local primary schools for 1-2-1 maths support.


Both tutees and tutors find HPNP stimulating and rewarding. Tutees improve their maths work and also demonstrate general increases in confidence, willingness to participate in class and enthusiasm for school. Student tutors gain raised self-esteem, enhanced confidence, meta-understanding of maths concepts, transferable teaching skills and something extra for their CVs and UCAS applications.

The group was amazing, and changes in attitude started showing themselves in class very quickly!

Linda, HPNP Co-ordinator at Pegasus School

The Hamilton Secondary Numeracy Project

Evidence shows that numeracy skills decline precipitously in key stage 3. Hamilton devised the Hamilton Secondary Numeracy Project (HSNP) to develop ways to raise and maintain numeracy levels in key stage 3 students.

Nick with HSNP Slide

The project enabled Hamilton to develop materials that facilitate better key stage 3 numeracy. They were developed through close collaboration with over a dozen secondary schools around the UK. After several iterations, we devised three separate strands of materials for students at different levels of numeracy. For most students, a ‘little and often’ approach is sufficient to ensure that numeracy skills are kept on the boil while students advance their KS3 mathematical skills and knowledge. This benefits both their success in maths in school and also their ability to understand and use numbers in their wider lives. More extensive materials are provided for those students who require more proactive teaching in order to reach adult-levels of numeracy.

A three-year longitudinal study demonstrated the materials' success at assisting the teaching and learning of numeracy at key stage 3. This testing inspired us to develop a ground-breaking set of materials for teaching KS3 algebra through numeracy-based investigative problem solving which we have made accessible for all KS3 teachers.

Find out more about our KS3 Numeracy materials.

Working with Oxford Schools

Hamilton works closely with several primary schools in Oxford. We provide training, mentoring and advice through our work with teachers in their classrooms, in staff meetings and in dedicated sessions for maths co-ordinators, NQTs, TAs and other specialist groups.

Hamilton's maths coordinator group is open to schools across Oxford and provides teachers responsible for developing maths in their schools training, trouble-shooting and resource opportunities.

Oxford for Oxford

The University of Oxford has many facilities and resources which can inspire and educate Oxford’s youngsters: the Ashmolean, University, Pitt Rivers and other museums are prime examples. Hamilton Trust works with the University and Tim Brighouse, under the name Oxford for Oxford, to make these resources more accessible to - and used by - children, parents and staff, particularly those in the more challenging parts of the City.

Marlborough Schoolchildren

In Wiltshire, Hamilton Trust backs up its support for history, literacy and children’s enjoyment of books by supporting enrichment activities for schoolchildren. We have enabled children to attend talks by children's authors such as Ross Montgomery at the Marlborough LitFest. We have also facilitated school visits to Marlborough’s 17th-century Merchant’s House.