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KS1 Cross-curricular Topics: Available Now

Hamilton Topics are available to Friends of Hamilton. There are two FREE Topics in each age range for registered users to trial.

If you have a specific Topic you feel would be brilliant, why not email us – we are open to suggestions.

Twenty five Topics are currently available for KS1, some aimed at Year 1, some at Year 2 and the more recent additions are written to be used with Year 1, Year 2 or mixed age range classes. There are also two sets of Reception Topics for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms (Years A & B) - these include English plans alongside topic ideas! These allow for greater choice and for use as a two-year rolling programme if you teach a Reception/Year 1 class.

There are also two mini-Topics availabe for Remembrance Day and Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

English plans have also been added to teach alongside the Carnival of AnimalsWe are Britain, Oceans and Seas, Fire & Journeys Topics. These plans can be found in the Topics area of our site. Give them a go! We welcome feedback.

The Carnival of Animals Topic also has some super online resources!

Several Topics have recently been updated: these include Houses & Homes, Clothes & Coverings, Changes, Fire, Babies & Play, Journeys, Talking Time, Families & Neigbours, Oceans & Seas, Global Gardens, Famous People and Fighting Fit. Alternative books and websites have been identified where necessary and the old objectives from the National Literacy strategy have been replaced.

Reception - Autumn A: Ourselves, Journeys and Stories & Celebrations
Reception plans for Autumn Term A start off with two weeks work about Ourselves. Chn talk about their journeys before reading fantasy journey books & an Animated Tale about swallows.  Finally traditional tales are studied & related to winter festivals.

Reception - Autumn B: Families, Under-Water Worlds, Magical Me! & Christmas
Reception plans for Autumn term B begin with investigating families before diving into an under-water world. Magical Me looks at fantasy stories, magic spells and related poetry.

Reception - Spring A: Dinosaurs and Growth & Change
Reception plans for Spring Term A start off with half a term of work about Dinosaurs. Information texts, stories & poetry are covered. The second half of term is about Growth & Change leading up to a week about Easter poems.

Reception - Spring B: Toys and High in the Sky
Reception plans for the first half of term take a look at Toys - chn's favourites & toys from the past. Stories, labels & classic poems are covered. The second half term goes High in the Sky! Have fun with bats, paper aeroplanes & kites.Reception - Summer A: Space and Castles

Reception - Summer A: Space and Castles
Start Summer Term A with work on Space! Chn find out about the planets, the moon & the stars. They build rockets, meet aliens & cook some exciting space meals! Then it's on to castles, knights & princesses. Lots of opportunities to work with dragons!

Reception - Summer B: Buildings and Beaches
Reception plans for the 1st half of term look at different types of buildings & homes thro’ fiction, poetry & information texts. In the 2nd half term take a trip to the seaside for holidays, postcards, coastal geography & creatures, sand paintings & more!

Y2 Famous People: Theme 1, J.K. Rowling: Rowling's biography, why is she famous, what is it to be famous, what would you like to be famous for, famous writers, favourite writers, drama, geography of UK from the Hogwarts' Express. Theme 2, Leonardo da Vinci: Da Vinci's biography, history of the time, inventions, horseless carriages, cogs and water wheels, forces, pulls and pushes, art, being left-handed. Theme 3, Vincent Van Gogh: Van Gogh's biography, geography of Europe and especially France, Impressionism,  self-portraits, painting techniques, light/dark, shadows, lights, circuits, switches, starry skies lighting up. Theme 4, Stevie Wonder: Wonder's biography, being blind, listening to sounds, blindfold experiments, science of sound, music appreciation, dance, making own instruments. Plus: their very own mystery person study!

Y1 Talking Time: This includes the history of telling the time, water clocks, sundials, candle clocks, making clocks, pendulums, cogs, as well as time machines – travelling to the future, Maglev trains, electricity, circuits, forces, travelling to the different places, the Inuit in the Arctic, polar bears, Aurora Borealis, travelling to the past, Iron Age peoples, hunter-gatherers, cave paintings and much much more. (Lots of science and history.)

Y2 Fighting Fit!: Theme 1, Making things Better: Science/History – medicinal herbs, traditional remedies, medicines today and safety, modern technology, Braille, sign, mobility aids. Theme 2, Accident and Emergency: Geography/D&T – Roles of doctors, nurses, paramedics, vets, ambulances, Red Cross, Bring 'n Buy sales. Theme 3, Field to Fork: Science/Geography/PE – healthy eating, exercise, origins of food, local produce. Theme 4, Nurse Mary Seacole: History/Science: Crimean war, Mary Seacole, soldier conditions, Mary Seacole's work, Punch cartoons and campaigns to help her, making a mini-Crimean hospital.

Y1 Changes: This Topic includes: Theme 1, Create and Evolve: Science/D&T – Beginnings of life on earth, dinosaurs, life cycles - eggs to adults! Theme 2, Use your Senses: Art/D&T – Changes in sounds (loud to soft, etc), in colours, in smells, in textures, in tastes (lots of food and cooking!). Theme 3, Seasons and Weather: Geography/Science – Local seasons, international climates, weather tests and experiments. Theme 4, Street through Time: History – Looking at street life from Iron Age to present day.

Y2 Fire: This Topic allows plenty of scope for imagination and excitement! Theme 1, Uses and Origins: Science/Art – Myths about fire and the sun, heating and cooling materials, sun facts, seasons and climates. Theme 2, Great Fire of London: History/D&T – Story of fire, Pepys, John Evelyn’s diary, chronology. Theme 3, Fiery Dragons: Creative Arts – Dragon tales, making a dragon, fire music and dances. Theme 4, Fireworks and Safety: Geography/D&T – Firework festivals around the world, fire safety and prevention. Latest resource addition!! An ICT block has been added to enhance the teaching in Theme 2 Great Fire of London, Session 1 with thanks to iTeachers - feedback please! Look at The Animated Facts files in order. 

Y1 Babies and Play: Starting with chn’s own experiences is the key to this Topic: Life cycles, developmental stages, endangered animals, baby clothes, blankets, quilts, papooses, making mobiles, singing lullabies, cooking food as well as games in the past & round the world.

Y2 Families and Neighbours: This Topic includes a focus on the geography of neighbouring countries including the British Isles and Europe as well as a local study. Art and Drama play a major role in the study of families, the science of sorting and categorisation is also included.

Y1 Journeys: Journeys is in four Themes: journeys over land, sea, air and through space. Chn look at history of land transport and explore the geography of islands and the poles. Lighthouses stimulate work on light, dark and shadow, and trains involve pushes, pulls and slopes.

Y1 Clothes and Coverings: Children’s own experience of their favourite clothes leads to studying changes over time and clothes around the world. Comparisons with India and with Iron Age Britain give breadth of study. Science includes experiments with materials, animal coverings and camouflage. Latest resource addition!! An ICT block has been added to enhance the teaching in Theme 4 Creature Skins, Session 8 with thanks to iTeachers - feedback please! Look at The Animated Facts files in order. 

Y1 Homes and Houses: This Topic is based on the children's own experience, looking at homes in their locality, exploring the influences of time, climate and environment. They compare housing around the world and in other times, such as the Iron Age. Science includes a creature homes study.

Y2 Global Gardens: This Topic explores plants and growing things, looking at plant cycles and food chains, investigating the history of different plant-based products and the global context of different foods. Chn also use plants in creating artistic and musical projects.

Y2 Oceans and Seas: This fascinating Topic incorporates a raft of exciting art, drama and creative activities. There is the science of sea creatures and the adaptability of animals, the history of the Galapagos, Darwin and boats, the geography of oceans, islands and climate, and finally a raft race!

Y1/2 Animals: This topic explores the amazing world of animals. Chn start by looking at pets, moving on to working animals around the world, dangerous animals and the mysteries of sacred and mythical animals. Latest resource addition!! An ICT block has been added to enhance the teaching in Theme 3 Dangerous Animals, Session 4a with thanks to iTeachers - feedback please! Look at The Animated Facts files in order. 

Y1/2 Food & Farming: In the first Theme chn investigate plant growth & then in Theme 2 they find out how different foods grow and are harvested. Theme 3 concentrates on healthy eating & food groups & the final theme looks at foods from around the world.

Y1/2 Countries & Cultures: France: Discover where France is & ways to get there. Learn about French airports & ferries. Chn explore the Channel Tunnel & race their own Tour de France. Correspond with chn in a French school & explore famous landmarks. Meet Remy & investigate French food.

Y1/2 We are Britain: This topic explores Britain today & over the last 50 years. Linking literacy to history, science, art & technology, chn relate their own experiences of growing up to those of their grandparents. A fantastic integrated learning feast!

Y1/2 Carnival of Animals: Saint Saens’ music Carnival of Animals is used to stimulate a wide variety of inspirational activities in music, art, science, history, geography, technology, dance & PSHE. Literacy plans run alongside & many exciting interactive resources are included.

Y1/2 Countries & Cultures: Spain: Chn discover where Spain is & embark on a journey to gather ingredients to make a big paella. They learn about each ingredient & diff creatures give directions to the best places to find them. Along the way chn produce a big book & giant papier mâché pan!

Y1/2 Olympics KS1: Chn study the Ancient Olympic Games & compare with modern Games. Find out about London as a city & the preparations for the 2012 Olympics. Investigate sport & other records, draw graphs & tackle events to improve own times. Finally hold a mini Olympics!

Just like our plans, all our Topics are adaptable by teachers. In fact, we recommend you do adapt them for your own class!

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