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Introduction to Topics

Topics where English is fully integrated within the Topic whilst preserving the PNS progression of skills in Literacy are included. These are: Britain since World War 2 UKS2, Africa UKS2, Meet the Greeks UKS2, Victorians UKS2, Water Worlds UKS2, World War 2 UKS2, Keen to be Green UKS2, Rainforests LKS2, Romans LKS2, Tudors LKS2, Space LKS2, Incredible Egyptians LKS2, We are Britain KS1, Carnival of Animals KS1, Oceans & Seas KS1, Fire KS1, Journeys KS1 and two plans for Olympics UKS2!

Carnival of Animals also includes a complete online package of resources. Try these new materials! We welcome feedback.

Reception Topics also have fully integrated English and Topic work.

The latest addition to Topics is:
Reception: Summer B - includes Buildings and Beaches!

What's here!
Here are the Topics so far - details can be found by clicking on the links in the left hand panel! There are two FREE Topics in each age range.

Reception: Autumn A: Ourselves, Journeys and Stories & Celebrations, Spring A: Dinosaurs and Growth & Change, Summer A: Castles and Space, Autumn B: Families, Underwater Worlds and Magaical Me!, Spring B: Toys and High in the Sky, Summer B: Buildings and Beaches.
Y1: Clothes & Coverings, Homes & Houses, Journeys, Babies & Play, Changes, Talking Time.
Y2: Global Gardens, Oceans & Seas, Families & Neighbours, Fire (incl. Great Fire of London)Fighting Fit (incl. Crimean War & Mary Seacole), Famous People.
Y1/2: Animals, Food & Farming, Countries & Cultures: France, We are Britain, Carnival of Animals, Countries & Cultures: Spain, Olympics KS1.

Once Upon a Time
(great introduction to Topic-teaching), Minibeasts & More, Settlements, Incredible Egyptians, Mighty Mountains, Romans, Rise of the Robots, Rainforests, Adventure in Space, Healthy Me, Talking of Tudors, Countries & Cultures: FranceOlympics LKS2, Countries & Cultures: Spain, Modern Britain.

Meet the Greeks
Lights Cameras Action, Water Worlds, Cool Stuff, Keen to be Green, World War 2, Victorians, Olympics UKS2, AustraliaThrills & Spills, Countries & Cultures: France, Africa, The Americas, Countries & Cultures: Spain, Britain since World War 2

A Foundation Subject and Science Overview has been added to the Theme Chart for each Topic (which you find by clicking on the Overview button), which will enable you to see at a glance which Programmes of Study are covered in all Topics for your age range. This will help with long term planning.

Other resources
An ICT block has been added to enhance the teaching in:
UKS2 Water Worlds Topic, Theme 3 Creeping Coasts, Session 3;
UKS2 Victorians, Theme 2 Victorian family Life, Session 2;
UKS2 Meet the Greeks, Theme 3 Artists and Athletes, Session 7a and Theme 4 Believers & Thinkers, session 7;
LKS2 Romans, Theme 1 Beginnings of Empire, Session 1;
LKS2 Rainforests, Theme 2 Life in the Rainforest, Sessions 1 and 2;
KS1 Fire, Theme 2 The Great Fire of London, Session 1;
KS1 Clothes & Covering, Theme 4 Creature Skins, Session 8;
KS1 Animals, Theme 3 Dangerous Animals, Session 4a;
with thanks to iTeachers! Look at The Animated Facts files in order.        

New to Topics?

There is a huge amount of material in one Topic  and the structure allows for total flexibility in terms of choice of content, progression and coverage  so PLEASE PLEASE click on the OVERVIEW button on the Search page once you have made your selection. This gives you the map of the blocks of linked sessions. It is an essential document so download it!


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House Boat in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Cool Stuff Resource Sheet

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